Monday, September 14, 2009

i LOVE mondays - i LOVE Ramadhan : Pen thoughts of Mak Pah Vogue

In the name of Almighty, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Happy lovely Monday to all. Tis' last week of Ramadhan and oh how I wish it could be a little while longer. This year, Ramadhan gave me a different perspective of Ramadhan altogether. I've been taught the lesson of Patience & Peserverance and the Goodness of Giving (ie. Infaq) in so many ways. And i thank HIM for those priceless lessons in LIFE for it has made me realise in the end we are Nothing but just His Servants.

And so, it's also the last week of i LOVE Ramadhan. Today, we share the pen thoughts from our very own Mak Pah Vogue.

From the heart of Mak Pah Vogue

Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan…

Ramadhan is the month I really loved so much and looked forward to each year. The serenity feeling is beyond words. Mak Pah missed the days when I was still young and Ramadhan is the month I shall be the busiest person at home.

During my kampong days in Jalan Sempadan, Siglap, my home was quite near to Masjid Kg Siglap, and every day during pre-dawn meals, surahs from the holy Quran were being read out loud through the speakers of the masjid until Imsak time. During that time my late maternal grandma would be the one waking up to prepare the pre-dawn meals. Once in a while, I would help her too. There was once my late grandma woke up late and all of us rushed and gobbled our food until we heard the bilal sermon “Imsak!”….. Then after 1 second another sermon “Imsak!”….and then came the third and last sermon “Imsak!”…All of us almost choked to death but luckily most of us managed to cleanse our throat with our drinks… huhu…. When Mak Pah was in secondary school days, I took up the responsibility of preparing the pre-dawn meals and waking up the whole family to tuck in around 4.30 – 5am.

Breaking fast at that period of time was the most enjoyable moment coz our table would be full of delectable food after barter trade with the neighbours (actually most of us were related somehow or another…. It’s like having your own community/clan…hehe).

As for Terawih prayers, olden masjid Kg Siglap did not have a proper solat area for muslimah during the 80s. Muslimah were allocated at the verandah area. It was located on the left side of the masjid, facing the Qiblah. The verandah was connected near the multi-purpose hall. Mak Pah used to reserve a place at the end of the row in order to lean against the cool green marbled gated pillars. I think they still retained the verandah with the small circular green marbled pillars and as well as the old well after the refurbishing of the masjid. It’s like a trademark for Masjid Kg Siglap.

Sometimes after 8-rakaat of Terawih, the youngsters would excuse themselves to go back early. In actual fact was they wanted to play the “Iboh Bujang” game. It is similar to the Police and Thief game. We only had this game on during Ramadhan… probably it was believed Satan and evil spirits were locked up so we can enjoy the night of playing outside I guess…hehe. Some of us would be making lanterns from old tin cans wired up on a stick of a tree branch. We would light it up with a candle and walked around the village in groups.

And on the eve of Syawal, the mamak groceries stall in front of my home would be open till dawn in order to cater to our needs

It was a nostalgic moment and how I wish I could turn back the time and cherished that moment again….. Those were the good old Ramadhan days for Mak Pah…..

Where is Mak Pah?


Anonymous said...

mak pah voggue ustaza??

Nad (Otak Belacan) said...

Kenapa tanya? Nak menuntut ilmu kah?

Ummi Lily... said...

Lovely nostalgic picture Mak Pah... I love how the quality of your old photo looks like. Nice... Very antiquely unique... Stil couldn't figure out where are you though but the little girl standing infront is really SOOOOOOOOO CUTE... She reminds me of my little girl, Nur Ikramina Asyura who's a yr plus old... She also has a "DORA The Explorer" haircut on her... And she LOVE to smile like that too!! hee hee... Cute!!

Anonymous said...

mak pah voggu ustaza?

Anonymous said...

Cik ANON: Yes. Mak Pah Vogue memang Ustazah. Dia mengajar di Madrasah Al-Vogue.


Shopaholic Mama said...

So Mak Pah yg eldest tu lah! play cheat sikit lepas baca yr latest entry

Mak Pah Vogue said...

Thks Nad - muacks

Ummi Lily - mmg nolstagic gambar tu. Mak Pah ada yg 8R diframe dan letak dirumah. Yg ini size keck jer..3R tak silap, mak pah letak ditempat keje. Yg comel tu adik Mak Pah yg bongsu...hehe

haha Ann - takpe play cheat gini tak mencacatkan puasa...huhu