Monday, September 7, 2009

i LOVE mondays - i LOVE Ramadhan : Pen thoughts of Red Mummy and Mr Gembo

may Peace be Upon YOU

Salam world and a very good MONDAY to all. Its been almost 2 weeks we are in the month of Ramadhan and the week has gone in a flash. Lots happened over the last week and I hope yours has been a blessed one.

This week i LOVE Ramadhan had 2 special friends sharing their thoughts. They are friends of the VU girls prior before Vogue U is launched and both have stepped into this little red dot and we had our moments together as well.

A familiar name in the Blogger world, Redmummy needs no introduction. She is a dedicated mother, a loving wife, a professional blogger and on her way to her stardom. Her friendship with each of the VU girls has also contribute to how each of much then expand our friendship. And in spite of her busy schedule, she's taken some time to pen down her thoughts what Ramadhan is for her and her family in today's i LOVE Ramadhan.

From the heart of Red - Sahur to Redmummy means...

Saya tahu nikmat bangun sahur tapi memandangkan saya ada masalah yang tidak cukup tidur sesangat, so saya agak reluctant sangat nak bangun sahur. but that was then....masa anak dara. everything mak ajah siapkan on the table. tau bangun sahur, terus makan ngap n tidur balik. but when I got married, have kids, semua the manja2 yang mak ajah sediakan tinggal kenangan. i m being a mom, sendiri kena bangun utk siapkan juadah sahur for the family.

ok enaf said, ai dont like to wake up for sahur, but ai had to do for the sake of my family hahahahaha....ibadat lah jugak tuh. Now all for of us, including gegirl sudah mula berpuasa. so that s her photo waktu sahur di pagi hari. makannya harus disuap, she will always sit next to her dad, Sirman will suapkan, abang will sit next to me, aku lah suapkan yang oi....
Sahur datang hanya sebulan dalam setahun...

Sahur juga mengundang kesabaran yang tinggi, serta kekuatan mata yang maha hebat..hahahahahaha

A writing for my Vogue U's frens...
Semoga Ramadhan ini bukanlah yang terakhir utk

And all of us in VU wish RedMummy is steadfast in the month of Ramadhan and that her family is in good tidings. We are happy that Abang is back on his feet!

We are lucky that we not only have our friend from Malaysia today but also in Brunei. A sweet lovely couple and very down to earth, - they are known The Gembos or maybe The Gs. Here, Mr Gembo reflect his pen thoughts what Ramadhan is all about in Brunei and the House of Gembo.


From the heart of Mr G.....

The fanfare of Puasa Ramadhan in Brunei is similar to the other countries in the region, including getting new baju melayu (baju kurung for some), baking of biscuits and cakes. Perhaps, even the lighting of pelita and explosions of meriam buluh. What I relate to here is somewhat not related to Hari Raya, but experiences in Ramadhan that shaped me as a person now.

I was raised by my grandparents until I was 11, as both my parents had to work in the capital. My grandparents are pious people, and I am blessed to be raised by them both. My grandad taught Al-Quran for free to the kampung boys, me included and I had khatam (finished) the Al-Quran before I turned 8; whilst my grandma always instilled in me good values, and made sure that I used my time well. My brothers and I were so attached to grandma we called her Mama.

Before the 90's, all schools in Brunei were closed during Ramadhan and Mama ensured that I used the holiday well. During the days, with no maid in those days, I will help her out in the kitchen and around the house (mainly folding clothes, sweeping floors, water the gardens), and at night before we both sleep she made me memorise the short chapters in Al-Quran and the du'as (prayers).

At times I thought it was too much to ask for a young boy like me, but being a father to three kids now, I realised what she had prepared me for. Muhammad was like me growing up, eager to learn about solat and memorise du'a, and Iman despite only 5, started to join us for prayers and to date, has not missed a day of fasting.

As for my grandad, after the Hari Raya prayers, he will bring me to the muslim cemetery to his parents and brothers graves and we would both recite the Surah Yassin. Other people would wait on him, to ask him to read at their relatives graves too. I remembered when there were too many requests, he would ask them to bring me instead and I would read the Yassin. I would receive money gifts as a gesture of thanks, which actually boosted my Raya money collections :)

My grandad passed away in 1991, whilst Mama left us to the better place 7 years ago, after being seriously ill for more than 15 years. I was so blessed that she got to see me graduate, got married and have her first great grandson. But they left me a great legacy, something that prepared me to face life.

Above picture is little Muhammad with Mama

From cucu Mama
Gembo or Jemi as my grandad called me.


We are so blessed to found great friends in our blogger livesand we hope Ramadhan continues to shine its Light to us all and Syawal shall bring us a Great satisfaction. May He bless us all. Amen! We thank both Redmummy and Mr Gembo once again for sharing their reflections and thoughts in i LOVE ramadhan.

So, what is your thought for today?........


rasp said...

reading this brings back old fond memories to me too :)

Mak Pah Vogue said...

thks Redmummy and Mr G for your pen thoughts on Ramadhan..... happy Ramadhan Al Mubarak.

Shopaholic Mama said...

Thank you Redmummy & Mr G for yr contributions in VU.

Redmummy - dia suap sesama dia, siapalah yg suap you pulak ye!

Mr G - didnt know that Brunei schools close during Ramadhan. And you were quite handy helping around the house! And we can see a bit of you in Muhammad.

Gembo said...

PEarl, Kak Pah, Kak Ann & all Voguers,

Thanks for that opportunity & for publishing this story.

About school holidays during Ramadhan, the government change the policies in 2003 (I was doing upper A levels then) and started to open school as usual. School holidays are now for 2 weeks, starting 1 week before Raya.

Handy around the house - still I am, just this morning spent 1 hour gardening heheh, and wash car, siap pukul 10 pagi (oh, kita holiday Nuzul Quran today hehe)... punyalah dahaga, Allah je tahu... ni nak bantai air bandung (Rose Cordial + Susu Cair.... mmm, dahaga,,,,,,)

Anyway looking forward to your daily posts!

Salam, G

PearL said...

Rasp - don't we all love going down memory lane

G - its our pleasure having you here....and thanks for writing this note!


Blushwax said...

Ooohhh...Kak Red reminds me of how I miss just waking up and seeing the food all ready.

Mr G - your entry is so touching. Reminds me of my grandparents who were my main caretakers while I was growing up too.