Thursday, September 10, 2009

La Dolce Vita : Flash Card baby

Learning starts from young and there isn't really a correct or wrong way of teaching your child. Most will say that learning through play is the best way and not rote learning like through flashcards. But there's always two sides to a coins right? Think a good balance of both will be good.

I mean like look at this boy in the video and tell me that's not a good thing.

How to use flashcards:

1) you can buy or make your own flashcards with only words or with images behind. Try and get real images and not a drawing of an object.

2) Arrange your flashcards in a pile.

3) Position your baby a few feet away, facing you.

4) Show words to baby while moving the flashcards from behind to front.

5) Read out the word to your baby when the card totally covers the one which was in front.

6) Do so as fast as you can and make sure each word is pronounced clearly with just a brief pause in between words.

Key is to do this everyday and make it as enjoyable as possible. Your tone of voice is also important and you must display a positive demeanor. Senang cakap, must be full of semangat.

I found a source of free downloads so you can print out your own cards. Prints must be in colour. Good luck!


Mak Pah Vogue said...

good info n useful tips...thks Raf.

Shopaholic Mama said...

good tips for moms-to-be!

I am over that stage!

PearL said...

OK, my nephew will b the "guenie pig" at least he will be a better speller than the Aunt!!!



rasp said...

teringat masa i do this to my 3 older kids...sapphire pun still in training...

eyna said...

i'll definitely use this for my baby.. coming soon!!!

thanks so much for the tips!!!