Monday, November 2, 2009

i LOVE mondays - Design Guide

May Peace be Upon You

i LOVE monday says hello to all and back to start the week. I do hope you had a good weekend break. Another full week of vogue-ness zest.

I stumble upon this site over the weekend whilst I was "goog-ling" some stuff. So you've got your new house and maybe you want to re-design your nest. How to go about it? Where to start? I don't know any designers....These pointers gave a good summary on starting that home project of yours.

Deciding on a Plan
You should have an idea of how you would like the design of your house to be. Having the layout plan of your house would be beneficial in your planning.

Pearl's Note : Start looking at magazines and mark on the pictures that you fancy. You may have more than one look. You and your partner may have different styles, likes and dislikes. STOP arguing. Just collate all the ideas and when you found your designer share with them of these ideas. Sessions like these are good to find a compromised style and look that you and your partner will like.

Budget Concern
Research on how much it would roughly cost you for your ideal reforms. You may refer to past projects featured on iCompare. With this knowledge, decide on a practical budget.

Pearl's Note : Remember, after you do up your home, the family still needs to eat and live so make sure the budget you set is realistic. Work out Plan B, Plan C, etc on loan repayment if you do take up one when faced with an economic downturn. I always like to tell my clients that your home is forever WIP - work in progress. Set the basic canvas and built it part by part. It's more fun and may not create such a big hole in that pocket.

Compare & Choose
Pick a few interior design companies that best match your needs for comparison. You can easily choose from iCompare's recommendation.

Pearl's Note : Always look at an actual finish project. Photos can look pretty but nothing beats that touch and feel.

Meet the Companies
Find out more about your chosen companies and make sure they totally understand your needs. Ask them questions and meet them to discuss in detail. Provide them with as much information as possible.

Pearl's Note : Check with your friends and relatives on their experience. There are also forum talks that you could do checks on their quality and service.

Decide on a Company
After meeting with several interior design companies, compare their pros and cons and then decide on a company that design style and costs best suits your needs.

Pearl's Note : Gut feel! Trust your instinct. Don't be blinded with all that sugar talks and free gifts that the cost is already hidden in the contract. Marketing people sells and rarely would be the ones that look after the work. Talk to the person that will be handling the works. That person should know your needs from the beginning and will see through the whole process until you move in.

Sign the Contract
Before signing the contract with your chosen interior design company, ensure that you check every details, and understand their T&C totally. Should you like to make any changes, do so before signing.

Pearl's Note : Read all the fine prints. What are the inclusions and what are the exclusions. What are the warranties and what about the after sales service.

Start the remodelling
Make sure that you check the progress of the work constantly to maintain quality work and to avoid big mistakes which might be too late to amend.

Pearl's Note : Even with great testimonials do your checks. Get your designer and contractor submit all the samples for approvals. Especially paints charts, laminate. Keep a set with you as you WILL need it when you do your comparisons. It can be tedious but in order to ensure you get what you pay, you have to do your part. If you ask for ICI paint, make sure they are. Check the laminates they use against your sample set. Some may make quick bucks by buying a less expensive range to match the colour. Pay attention to details.

Collect your house
Check thoroughly before accepting the hand-over from your designer. Ensure that everything is as per your requirement. Find out who to contact during the warranty period and enjoy your newly designed home!

Pearl's Note : You have your rights to reject and hold any payment until your unsatisfaction is rectified. Without your approval for change, you are not obligated. But when the job is done, please do not delay the dues. There are some of us who still keep the integrity of our profession ;)

Have a good day ahead!

Lovingly from your Kawaii designer

Credit : Getty images, iCompare


Mak Pah Vogue said...

good tips dear... thk u thk u.

Gembo said...

Mrs G:

Definitely agree! A year and half since we moved in - our house is still work-in-progress.. we've covered what we needed and now moving on (very slow progress..)to the what we want..

Can do posting on where to get deco items in Singapore? At the moment, looking for canvas oil paintings (mostly abstract) and a good place to get canvas prints of a few memorable pics.

PearL said...

Mak Pah - thanks dahling!

Mrs G - wow, i'm sure your place is gorgeous...the last time i saw pictures of the new house when u all just move in...I'm sure by now, so much progress...why dun u share pictures of before and after..

Great suggestion...I'll do a hunt on deco items in SGP soon.

ta - IN

Rey said...

sigh...wished i had run into i-Compare earlier.... looks like a good site..anyway what's done is done...overall contented with what's done... though it could be better... we are settling in quickly...

now... going into phase II.

Rey said...

sigh...wished i had run into i-Compare earlier.... looks like a good site..anyway what's done is done...overall contented with what's done... though it could be better... we are settling in quickly...

now... going into phase II.