Monday, November 16, 2009

i LOVE mondays - Design Guide : Graphic Me Up!

May Peace Be Upon You

I am so in love with this stuff. A fantastic way to spruce up that old boring wall and mind you, it's easier to install. Much cleaner that putting up wallpaper and less costly too.

I'm not sure if you belong to this genre. Remember Kalkitos (just can't remember what's the correct spelling) but this is like doing it full size wall...! Well, almost.....

Basically its a vinyl sticker that you easily install it on the walls. You can either do-it-yourself or some of these suppliers are able to help you with the installation.

Its a perfect alternative to make that wall a WOW statement with minimal effort and definitely a huge cost saving! Plus, if you're tired of it, you can easily peel it off....

There are several brands that you could find these fabulous decals.

One of it is Decorette Wall Decals, originally from Melbourne, Australia and now is available in this little red dot - Singapore.

Another which I had previously use before for a charity project with Make A Wish is WINK. This room belongs to the little sister of a terminally ill boy with leukemia, who is in love with Princesses and Pink! I think it may be after doing this room that I started to make peace with the colour pink....;)

One blogger that had creatively transform her room using similar technique is Gila Shisha aka Matox. A simple paste on job makes this dull room re-born with life.

These graphic stickers are not only suitable for residential use but also fit for the workplace. Now those long boring corridors can easily be turn into an art wall without damaging the walls. I know many building landlords are fussy with having their common corridors being "attack" by designers but this may be a good solution for starters.

And you can also find it at IKEA too. Limited range but probably more accessible for you to start this project.

So go and Graphic Up your walls! Have fun...For those who have done similar projects why not share your photos and let us know where did you get them.

Lovingly from your "kawaii" designer


Mak Pah Vogue said...

I love the graphics..... my cousin had those red flowers on her dining wall and it became the focal point each time we entered her nice. hmmm time to go to Ikea!!!!

Shopaholic Mama said...

In, I am sure you could do something to my home after you have seen it - in dire need of improvement & I may very well start with these!

Mak Pah, let's go Ikea!

rasp said...

i've bought this grafic stickers like 2 weeks ago but lum sempat nak put them up yet...hoping tat it's gonna be tis weekend's project :)

PearL said...

Mak Pah - cool rite..and easy to do..

Mama Ann - yur place is lovely already and I think if you add this highlights, it makes the space even more fabulous!

Rasp - oh do take pictures and send it to us when you are done with it...I'm definitely keen to see it..!