Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time out with Shopper mama - Budget Airlines

Hello ladies and gentlemen (I assume there are some men out there reading!)

Let’s discuss about traveling via budget airlines.

Honestly, I have never taken any budget airlines before, BUT, that doesn’t mean that I will NEVER TRY them!

There are quite a number of budget airlines in the region, to name a few 

Singapore has Jet Star, Tiger Airways and Valuair

oohh, I luv that tag line!

Malaysia has Firefly, Air Asia and Air Asia X

Indonesia has Mandala Air, Lion Air, latest is Batavia Air and many more

One main advantage of taking budget airline is their fares are lower than the premium regional airlines, thus they are also known as low cost carrier;

But they may charge for extras like food, priority boarding, seat allocating and baggage (thus they are also known as no-frills carrier) so we have to factor all these costs before deciding which would be the most suitable airline for us.

On the other hand, I have heard of some misgivings abt budget airlines that have put me off.  

  • For example, my top main peeve is flight cancellation – sometimes the passengers found this out only when they arrive at the airport to check-in.  And if there are no officers on stand-by to handle this (yes, I have read this incidents do happen from the media esp for this particular airline), the passengers are left scrambling looking for other alternatives.   

  •  Next is flight delay – this too, will just spoil anybody’s mood.  Imagine you are up and excited to leave on a 7 am flight, to be told that your flight has been delayed to 4 pm! It happened just last week to my niece for her Bangkok trip (again by the very same airline mentioned above - so that's it, I am so gonna strike this airline out!)  

  • Third would be safety of the carrier/plane – but so far, most airlines (whether budget or regional) must adhere to some safety standards, something I believe they will not compromise on, so this is not a big issue.

I wonder, have any of you tried taking budget airlines?  What was your experience like and your recommendations?

To me, as long as the plane can take us from point A to B safely and according to schedule, I would not mind giving these budget airlines a try.

Ok here I am going to be very thick-skin, pleading to AIR ASIA (since I have heard so many positive things about it)


Datuk  Seri Tony Francis Fernandes

Would you like to sponsor me and the Vogue-U gals a free flight to any destinations, preferably far far and further away from Singapore and Malaysia?  Ermmm, to London and/or Dubai would be nice and make our day! 

It will certainly be an awesome experience for us flying Air Asia!


Ps. This reminded me of a friend who had no choice but to take a budget airline.  He had a hearty big breakfast before he boarded that flight coz according to him – “This could be my very last meal!”  But worry not, he is safe and sound but sadly, that airline has already folded 3 years ago due to safety issues!


Gembo said...

Hi SM.... oh yes, ada gents too reading VU

Gembo has experienced many journeys on Air Asia, but only Miri - KL sectors. Alhamdulillah we have only one flight delay (our first trip back from KL) in 2005, but in they called us to warn about the delay, only for us already otw to KLIA (before LCCT). All else, no problem.

Am sure Mrs G will share a lot more later... now need to get ready for work.


rasp said...

I dah naik Air Asia a couple of times....
masa mula dulu they operate ada gak lah the flight delays and all that jazz tapi nowadays, syukur alhamdulillah it's on schedule...

Tapi one thing tat still happen, not frequent though but it happens is tat they do loose your luggage...

So far, again bersyukur i, not mine...but our bila camtu, agak worry gak lah kan....

Tu je lah yg part of my worry bila naik Air Asia...oh btw, i will slalu opt to book seats earlier, tapi kena pay extra skit la...

Kalo dpt free seats to nak ikut leh hehehehe.

Slamat Hari Raya Aidiladha sis...

PearL said...

hehe, i love the last paragraph...haha
I have not fly with Air Asia but I onced did it with ValueAir. It feels like a camping trip or some family excursion cos the air stewardest engage games during the flight and some win free food and drinks. I just cannot remember if its to Bangkok or KL..Its one of those shorter trips.

Hoping to try Air Asia next time to KL though.. ;)


Blushwax said...

HHmm..the only budget airline I've tried before is Tiger Airways. So far no probs of flight delays or cancellation. Thank god.

Long haul flight on budget airline? Backache....hehe. That will be my only complain I think.

shada JD said...

Oh,hopefully Datuk Seri Tony Francis Fernandes will read this!