Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - Then and Now

May Peace Be With You.....
Last Friday, Mak Pah was on leave and was at my sis's home. In the afternoon, my mum asked me to join her to go to Tangs coz she wanted to get a small handbag while my sis wanted to replenish some of her Bobbi Brown cosmetics in Isetan.
Going through the handbag counters I realised the brands have totally changed through the years. During the late 70s and 80s, handbag brands used to be Firina (this is the 1st branded leather goods Mak Pah bought from my 1st job), Bonia, Chantal Thomas, Cartier, Bally and Fendi. I knew about Bally and Fendi during my teenage years coz my mum used to have them. When I started working, I used to borrow from my mum for Dinner events, or friends' and colleagues' wedding banquet. At that time, I didn't realised the shoes or clutches were branded until my senior colleagues told me.
I asked my mum what happened to her bags and shoes. She said the leather had deteriorated over the years and she couldn't recall whether she threw them away or given away. She said normally she would buy from my father's relative who always travel, as shopping centres and boutiques were quite limited during the 70s.
Going through the abundance of patterns and brands, my mum got so confused and not abled to get what she wanted. In Isetan, we went to Fendi boutique coz I wanted to ask about the repair cost of the leather strip. The SO was a sweet and nice pregnant lady, and she said for leather strip, it would cost about S$170/- and would take about 3 - 4 weeks to repair. My mum scrutinized the patterns and remarked Fendi used to carry Grey colour then, but now mostly Fendi carries Brown colour which she thought was quite exclusive.
When we were at the Bobbi Brown cosmetics counter, I said to myself, my time we used to buy Max Factor, Maybeline and those China brand cosmetics from small shops in Geylang.
My mum said when my siblings and myself were young, my mum would bring us to Aroora shopping center (not sure spelling is right) located in High Street. Now that place is where Peninsula Shopping Centre. She would get the well-known "Jen-Jen" brand clothings for children. There was no Osh Kosh B'Gosh, GuessKids or Mickey brands during 60s and 70s. And at that time, good children shoes were from Americaya located near Aroora also around High Street. I seemed to recall some of the events when my mum brought us there and we used to play behind the high court building.
Hmmm...... how time flies and tastes varied. Brands like LV, Braun Buffel and Coach started to conquer Asian market in the late 80s or early 90s I guessed coz that was the time I started seeing people around me carrying them. And their boutiques started to flourish and became well-known among the ladies especially!!!
So as time passes, things change. Life was hard and it's part and parcel to work hard and earn a living. My mum said she was fortunate that time coz she mend a coffee stall in Wisma Indonesia (now known as Wisma Atria). That's when I recalled bumping to some of the famous Indonesian artists during the 70s..... and the famous Indonesian Badminton player Rudy Hartono!!!! I told my mum I recalled my late father got me to take a photo of the winning badminton trophy but I couldn't recall the player's face. My mum said that time Mak Pah was only 4 or 5 yrs old only...... hehe!!!
Looking back at Orchard Rd then and now, it is a drastic change totally. Tangs was known as CK Tang that time and the store was in a very oriental kind of design with green ceramic bamboo roofing and the place was clustered with all kinds of products from all over the world. Mak Pah always looked forward to Xmas season coz CK Tang was the only shopping store that would decorate their building, roof and entrance with life-size decos, in order to get the Xmas spirit among shoppers. My siblings and me would seat in front of Wisma Indonesia and admired the decorations each year while my mum mend the coffee stall. And without missed, we would be the everyday customers that time..... hehehe those were the days!!!!
So vogue-u-ers, do you recall any of your then and now experiences??? See how much changes has affected us somehow or another all these while.
Nevertheless, we are able to adapt and adopt new things and technology in order to be where we are now.
Enjoy life everybody......
Lots of Luv..... Mak Pah


Shopaholic Mama said...

Mak Pah, I remembered Firina brand, but now dah macam takde lagi.

My dad also used to bring us to High Street area, if I can recall, the shopping mall was Cortina, where the Supreme Court is now.

And of course, C K Tang was my mom’s favourite esp for household stuff! That time, C K Tangs was the homeground for housewives looking for sudu garfu periuk belanga stuff...hahaha

PearL said...

oh my this sure brings back memories...mum loves Bonia....and my first branded bag tat i got for myself with my paycheck was Chantel Thomas - the red colour...then gave to my cousin..entah hidup lagi ke tidak bag tu...hahahah

CK Tang never runs its due...i just love to walk at the pinggan mangkuk and bedsheet section... ;)


Mak Pah Vogue said...

errmmm mak pah replied your comments yesterday, tapi tak published plak.

Ann - yup i remembered Cortina. My siblings n me luv to admire the furniture section. we love to turn the wine rack shaped like a globe.... play point which country n guess... SO were kind, tak pernah kena marah hehe.

and Pearl - yup that time bila carry Chantel Thomas bag, rasa mcm glamour kan.... hehe those were the days. and I guessed all mothers would collect the latest pyrex fm CK Tang that time eh.... it's like a must gitu.

And do u remeber Yaohan Dept store in Plaza Singapura??? I luv to go there during my teenage yrs.... really missed the store though.