Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time-out with Shopper Mama - Online shopping!

Hey ya Vogue-uers!!!

For today’s slot, Shopper-mama would like to bring you shopping in the comfort of your own chair!

Here are some sites that I would like to recommend

For those residing in Singapore, if you are looking for Coach bags, then here is one for you

We promise you that the Coach bags are AUTHENTIC and the prices, very reasonable and much cheaper than the boutiques here. We have more stuff coming, so pls do keep a lookout for them.

For chic and trendy fashion, then you should checkout

- Owned by Deebz & her frens

If only I am 20 years younger.......

For funky and limited edition tees, this is the site

And for you Malaysians out there, you guys are soooo lucky!!! Coz there are many many sites that you can choose from, to do your online shopping! Here are some for you to checkout if you are looking for some bargains:

- This online boutique is partly owned by a fellow blogger friend, Mrs Taj, so if you see something you like here, just give her a buzz….

In addition, I also like to check this too

- She is a shopaholic mummy and she sets up this blog “for all shopaholic mummies out there who love authentic, branded goods for their loved ones without shop till you drop concept! Definitely affordable to everyone

And of course, 1 of my favourites online shopping for authentic designer stuff

- The boss name is Kerengga Kurus. Such a cute name and I bet she is even cuter in personality too as she describes her buyers as ‘Datin’ or ‘Dato’…. Hahahaha. So once you buy from her, not only will you get her stuff at great prices, you will automatically be bestowed with the title of Datin too!! Aint that cool???

Ok, I hope these sites I recommend are useful for you.  You don’t need to leave your house – just a click will do to satisfy your shopping desires!


nasazfrog... said...

wah bertambah lagi koleki website yang boleh di beli melalui online.. kan kan.. tq kak share

Mak Pah Vogue said...

thks for the link Ann..... will surely bookmark them in case of "emergency"...hehe

Anonymous said...


Dash Muslima Collection said...

Singgah2 la ke kedai yg baru dibina. Semenjak dua menjak tak kerja ni, teringin nak usaha kecil-kecilan for my family. Please support..