Monday, February 22, 2010

i LOVE mondays - AngPaos for the Tiger

May Peace Be Upon You

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all!! i LOVE mondays is now in the year of the Tiger!!!!..And happens to be the year yours truly is born ...

So as usual, I'm a sucker for these money envelopes and this year I went a little overboard. Not just going to the banks to collect the envelopes but roped in Shopaholic Mama to gave me hers too...Well, the images that is...

Lets have a run down.

CIMB Bank : Going away from the traditional RED angpao, it does have an elegance touch to it.

Maybank : Not the current year design but I got this at the Money changer. I quite like the size, suitable for the smaller notes but not so keen with the design. It could have looked better with just the calligraphy minus the oranges.

Public Bank Group : Another that I got from the money changer.

NTUC Fairprice : One of my favourites actually. Its fun, its refreshing and tastefully done.

UOB Bank : Predictable.....

DBS Bank : Another favourite!.

OCBC Bank : Somehow, the design seems similar with DBS... Coincidence I guess. OCBC gives a selection of design in a pack which is a clever thought. You could separate use a different colour for different denomination and still have a nice set of angpaos.

DBS Treasures : The more exclusive feel for the "upper crust"

Starhub : Now, this is my No. 1 favourite!!!! Whilst its not your traditional red angpao, the graphics still represents that Oriental essence with great colour contrast.

Starhub : Another from Starhub, although I still prefers the first design.

Singtel : A pleasant colour combination and the graphic works quite well.

Maybank : This one very functional. An envelope within an envelope. Very versatile. Just flip the inner slot to suit the occasion - Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Weddings....

So, which one is your favourite?

Have a prosperous Tiger year ahead. May you have abundance Wealth and lasting Health!!!!


Mak Pah Vogue said...

Pearl, the DBS one has 2 types as well, male and female. That's what my colleagues got from our company CNY ang pow this yr....hehe.

I like the starbub gold cnatik!!!!

PearL said...

hehehe got male and female angpao eh ...tat is just so cute...
Ya, me too love the starhub!! thumbs up!