Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Time-out with Shopper Mama: Beauty Alternatives - Part 1

Helloooooo Vogue-ers!

I came across an article on beauty alternatives in Urban, and its worth sharing with you!  As you know, some potions and lotions are sooooo pricy that it breaks my heart to part my moolah buying them!  For example, would I ever spend S$300 for an ounce of the miracle Creme De La Mer?  Nope, no way baby!

In actual fact, there are so many other beauty alternatives too we can get traditionally but some are quite troublesome to prepare, for example, the leaves or dedaun has to be grated or pounded etc.  As such, here are some cheaper alternatives recommended by Urban which can be bought off the shelves, no need to grind, mince, crush or mash whatsoever, for you to try out!


For your beautiful face

Sudocrem - S$12 for 60g (from most pharmacies)

What - Most mothers know Sudocrem is handy for healing nappy rash, bites and rash. But few know that it also gets rid of pimples - just ask British pop star Cheryl Cole (soon-to-be Cheryl Tweedy with millions to her name, if she is smart enough to fight for it!) who swears by its zit-zapping powers.

How - The cream contains high levels of zinc oxide which reduces the loss of tissue fluid.  This helps to dry out unwanted pimples.  It also contains benzyl benzoate, which acts as a healing agent, and benzyl alcohol, which is an antiseptic.

Simply apply a small amount to the problem area and leave overnight!

Shopper-Mama said: Ok well, if Cheryl Cole swears by it, then I will try it too and zap that zit off, which I do get once in a while! 


Vaseline - S$ 3.54 for 100 ml (from most pharmacies)

What -  This multi-purpose petroleum jelly is widely used as a body moisturiser and to relieve chapped lips.  Jennifer Lopez, yes that Jenny on the block, even uses it to help remove stubborn eye make-up.  And it also helps to keep pesky eyebrow hairs in place!

How - The product contains a mixture of mineral oils, paraffin and waxes.  Together, they create a non-sticky but thick moisturing jelly.  When applied, it melts into the skin but maintains a barrier to lock in moisture.  To remove eye make-up, apply a pea-sized amount to yr eye-lids.  Then, using a cotton pad, gently wipe the make up off.

Shopper-Mama said:  This is certainly a much much cheaper alternative eye make-up remover, worth trying!  I can safely say bye-bye to  Ms Shu Uemura!


For your lustrous hair

Johnson's baby powder - S$1.35 for 100g (from most pharmacies, supermarkets & general stores)

What - Baby powder can also work as a dry shampoo, especially for those who wish to maintain colour-treated hair and not wash it everyday.

How - The powder will absorb some of the oil that hair generates between washings. Use only a small amount and apply it starting from the scalp using a comb or your fingers.

Rub the powder in and your hair will soon smell fresher and appear less greasy.  To ensure that the powder does not leave visible white streaks in your hair, shake out any excess product.

Shopper-Mama said: OK I have to admit, this one, I dare not try...hahaha. Coz it reminds me of those cite hantu2 pontianak with white streaks of hair! hehehehe

Oh pls remember to shake or dust off those excess powder, otherwise, when you flick your hair ala-ala those girls in the advertisements, imagine how the person next to you will look like when the excess powder flew right onto their face!


Apple cider vinegar - S$3.15 for 473 ml (from supermarkets)

What - This sour-tasting liquid is great for adding flavour to your cooking, but it also can bring life to dull looking hair. A vinegar rinse is known to give hair a healthy shine and make it easier to manage.

How – The residue caused by the regular use of the products can leave hair looking dull and lifeless. Vinegar can help to neutralize the alkali left by shampooing your hair too often. To make a vinegar rinse, add half a tablespoon of vinegar to one cup of water. Apply this directly to your hair after shampooing. You can wash the vinegar out with water or leave it to dry. Do this twice a week.

Shopper-Mama said: Yes everyone has her bad hair days! So it doesn’t seem to hurt (your pocket) to try this cheaper option, rather than spend a fortune at salons!  Say hello to shiny glossy hair, the DIY way!


Ok thats it for today!  Next time, I will give you tips for the body.

If any of you have some tips to share, please do so here with me.

Till then, enjoy the rest of the week!

All pics credit to images.
These tips are from Urban, The Straits Times.


rasp said...

thx for tis useful and 'cheap' tips :)

Mak Pah Vogue said...

Good tips Ann.... thks.

Mak Pah uses the vaseline to treat rashes/eczema. so far so good.

My hubby takes heinz apple cider vinegar. he normally mix a teaspoon of apple cider with olive oil and manueka honey. Mix well with a cup of water and some ice.... He said all the 3 ingredients are for health purpose. As far as I know, apple cider is to lower your cholesterol level, olive oil is to increase hdl (good cholesterol) and lower blood sugar as well. Honey is obviously healthy for us and act as a natural sweetener too.