Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - Star Cruise Exclusive Event

May Peace Be With You.....

Last year Mak Pah was invited by my company's corporate travel agent to an exclusive event to view the Super Star Cruise. Mak Pah was so excited and couldn't wait for the day to come. On the day of the event, we were greeted at Harbour Front by our agent's Account Manager. And the journey began from there for us to view the spectacular cruise liner the SuperStar Virgo. Without further ado, let me share with you what they have or provided in the cruise ship.....!!!!!

Memoir with collegues from our HQ office together with one of our travel agent ticketing team, Mabel (in grey polo t-shirt). We were waiting for our boarding passes to enter the SuperStar Virgo

The bubbly Diners World Travel Corp Account Manager, Connie (in grey t-shirt) giving a brief description of the cruise holding the event, the SuperStar Virgo

A memoir with my colleague, Ms Sue

Representative from Star Cruise held the banner for us to follow her into the boarding area where we need to surrender our boarding passes at the boarding gate

The journey started going through the boarding alleys towards the ship berth

Welcome Banner

We were led to the theatre to be entertained by their performers from Europe

Compere introducing the live performance... too bad we were not able to catch photo of the performance coz it was too dark

Memoir with the compere

Memoir with one of the performer... I think he's from Russia.... his body was so flexible

A memoir with another performer..... she's so tall!!!

After the performance, we were ushered to the top level of the deck for a sumptuous hi-tea

Happy faces..... de-stress moment

(Can you see the background? That is Sentosa Island and during that time we could see the Universal Studio was being constructed)

1st round of our spread...... hehehe couldn't recall how many rounds we had

Then we joined the cruise tour held by SuperStar Virgo crew (1st stop the history of the cruise)

More info to read about the cruise liner......

Activity Centre - couldn't recall what it was... probably the gym and spa

There's an amphitheatre as well

If not mistaken the antique phone was to call the rooms

The top deck where we had our hi-tea had a walkway which is called Galaxy of the Stars

For bookworms, there's a library!!!

Children's pool

Another swimming pool at different deck

Another view of the Parthenon pool (look at the winding slide....so long!!)

Can you see the cable cars on top of this photo..... they were passing to and fro from Harbour Front to Sentosa and also from Harbour Front to Mount Faber

There's also the jacuzzi at this pool area

Giant checker board game..... with this you can exercise both your brains and your body...hehe

Look at the game room.... the place is so huge!!!!

The Harley rider in the making...hehe

Souvenir shop

Hair and Beauty salon

Different products and range for hair and face displayed at the counter of the hair and beauty salon

They have different ethnic restaurant in the cruise as well, this is an Indian restaurant

Kawaiiiinessssss from Japanese waitresses from the Japanese restaurant

A taste from the Middle East, Mediterranean Buffet

1 booth caught my eyes coz they have real tropical fruits hanging as deco

And they have Swensens!!!!!

Memoir with one of SuperStar Virgo crew

Memoir with another SuperStar Virgo crew

SuperStar Virgo mascot - a penguin

Photo of Harbour Front taken from the boarding alley

At last we reached the Immigration checkpoint

I guess that's about all I've covered what's in SuperStar Virgo..... quite tiring but fun. Hopefully, Star Cruise can extend their invitation to all VU gals and let us invite a handful of VU readers as well in the future hah.... wouldn't that be great!!!!

One thing about cruise holidays, your holiday starts the moment you step into the cruise liner....

I hope you've enjoyed the "journey" in SuperStar Virgo.

Since Harbour Front is next to Vivocity....... what else to do after that..... Shopping!!!! haha

Lots of Luv.... Mak Pah

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dikesempatan ini kami menyusun sepuluh jari memohon maaf zahir dan batin kepada semua yg mengenali kami.......
Selamat Menyambut Aidil Fitri......
Semoga Allah melimpahi kurnia and rahmatNya kepada kita semua.....

We take this moment to lay our both hands seeking forgiveness to all......
in conjunction of Eidul Fitri......
May Allah bestowed all of us with His mercy and blessings.....
If He permits....

From All of Us in VU.....
Nadh, Raf, Indra Pearl, Mama Ann, Mama Moralle and Mak Pah

Last but not least...
Happy Holidays too......

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - Couples Dynamics

Eid Ramadan and May Peace Be With You......
Mak Pah has been keeping this in my folder for sometime. I guess I'll share with all then. Let's see how people percept certain issues or things in such manner....

In Mak Pah's view, everyone is born beautiful, doesn't matter from which background they come from. It's up to us to be what we are. As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Lots of Luv.... Mak Pah

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vogue-U Potion - "Remarkable Pencils" / "Recycled Pencils"

May Peace Be With You.....

Salam Ramadan to all.
Mak Pah just wants to share pictures of recycled pencils which some artists have redesigned into a form of art.....
I really admired the artists' patience and endurance to produce such piece of art. Remarkable indeed.

Enjoy all......

Well if I were to do such piece, I don't know what's the outcome of it....hehehehe

To Muslims, have a great iftar tonight!!!!

Lots of Luv..... Mak Pah